RMC | RMC Speed Records Prototypes
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RMC Speed Records Prototypes


It’s Sunday morning, let’s go for a ride! You climb into your fireproof suit and then you squeeze into the low-lying missile that awaits you in the garage (what an effort to lose those 30 kilos to be able to get in!). Your mechanic starts the engine while you close the Plexiglas canopy that encloses the fuselage cockpit shaped like an air-to-air missile. Then they push you with a four-wheeled vehicle until you reach a sufficient speed to stay balanced without the retractable side wheels and, off you go on your way. In a straight line, of course, at the end of which the mechanic is there waiting for you. According to you, does that have some even vague relationship with riding a motorcycle?
Well, not for us, and that’s why we decided to challenge the speed record with a prototype that, despite its fairing and unique powerful engine, is indisputably recognisable as a motorcycle.

Essentially, we are competing in Division B (faired and with wheels visible for at least 180° of their circumference), with a motorcycle equipped with a petrol-driven, naturally aspirated engine, so no turbo nor compressors.
The guiding principle is not new and the interest of the public is guaranteed – just consider the audiences that gather at Superbike events where the bikers can identify with, or rather, recognise their own motorbikes, albeit specifically prepared and strengthened.

Our prototype Red Spirit is a unique machine for the technical solutions it employs and the type of engine fitted, nevertheless it remains a motorcycle from whatever any point of view you look at it, and this is very important with a view to future production, however limited, of motorcycles intended for enthusiasts of technology and thrilling sensations. Not many will be able to afford such a total concentration of engineering, but many will constitute a market for the derivative technological by-products for motorbikes such as suspensions, lubricants, fuels, fairing materials.

Thus Red Spirit RMC will be deployed in Division B and the goals of the RMC Team are clear: to establish a new and unprecedented record in the 2,500 cc class, to capture the 2,000 cc class Record (currently 364 km/h average speed over the one kilometre distance in two stages carried out within two hours), to overcome the 400 km/h barrier and finally, to beat the Division B record, currently held by a motorcycle derived from a Honda base, which rests at 423 km/h – no trivial feat.
Basically, our intent is that Red Spirit shall become the fastest conventional motorcycle on the planet (missiles with wheels, as we have said, are not part of our plans), according to the rules universally accepted by all competitors and sanctioned by the International Motorcycling Federation. So does this sound like boastful bragging? Well, perhaps it’s because we know exactly what we can do. And perhaps because basically, yes, we do like to boast a bit…

Returning to the Red Spirit prototype, the appeal of the race-replica has been well established since at least the 1970s: the media exposure is immense, given the fascination that speed exerts on all motorcyclists and, ultimately, on everybody when talking about Absolute Records.
Just think of the success of an apparently niche film such as “The World’s Fastest Indian” starring an actor of the calibre of Anthony Hopkins, who made it a masterpiece, a tribute to human endeavour surpassing all limits, above all, that of speed. The film is about how a mature man, well into his later years, breaks a record by the relentless and resourceful exploitation of mechanical prowess.

Similarly, as the Red Spirit sets out to thunder beyond 400 km/h, we want the spectators to recognise the same brand of tires that they fit on their personal bikes, identifying the engine oil that guarantees reliability at crazy speeds as the same one that lubricates the engine of their own motorcycle. Enthusiasts will see the brand that has assembled an exhaust system for an insanely powerful engine as the same one that marks the muffler of their motorcycle.

Motorcyclists must be able to identify with our prototype even if just by recognising one of its components.
Our technology must be understandable, usable and also affordable by those who wish to accompany us, even by just cheering us on in this fantastic journey towards limits that no one has ever reached before.