RMC | Record Motor Cycles (RMC)
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Record Motor Cycles (RMC)


Ideas, challenges, goals. Difficult to find more of them after 30 years of total dedication to our passion for motorcycles, decades passed building, developing or riding machines that represent the state of the art in their respective eras.

Yet a group of technicians that represent excellence in their specific sector, assisted by a significant number of international collaborators, have discovered the idea, the challenge, that goal worthy of crowning their careers: Setting a new motorcycle speed record. False modesty is not an issue here, we have all worked in the highest ranked positions in the World Championships of the various categories and, significantly, we can all claim a history of motorcycle experiences, born, grown and matured in the saddle of a motorcycle.

Of course, we are not alone “in the market”, but our uniqueness is in the power of the group: a concentration of knowledge where innovative Italian motorcycling technology merges with the substance and organisation of Swiss discipline. Thus was founded Record Motor Cycles, and the motorcycle development team destined to beat two world records in the Partially Streamlined category. This class is for “real” motorcycles, not missiles or three-engined monstrosities. For those who take up a challenge as Record Motor Cycles has done, it is an opportunity to express the passion of a lifetime, creating a motorcycle that represents excellence in every detail. Red Spirit is a totally original bike: the engine, the chassis, the sophisticated technical solutions, are all born from a synthesis of the individual experiences of the team members: at present, there is no detail of this motorbike could be built in a better way. Yes – it is a question of beating a record, but it is also a defining moment for establishing this generation’s upper limit of motorcycle performance, the ultimate achievement of our time.

A record is an obsession for those bent on breaking it; it becomes a reference once the goal is achieved and for all time defines the technological level of the era in which it was obtained. A Speed Record is written forever in motorcycle history and in the hearts of motorcyclists everywhere, even more than the number of World Cups won by a pilot. This record represents the extreme limit on how far you can push the passion for speed, the common denominator of all those who love to ride motorbikes.
Record Motor Cycles aspires to be the reference among motorcycle brands, with top class performance, reliability and technical solutions and this is to be achieved through the speed records.